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  • A note on the Lanh
    it has come to my attention that the ways of the Lanh in Snowy Ground share striking similarities with existing religions. Including traditions and beliefs that may begin to sound like criticisms of people of faith and their faith in general. While this is not my intention at all I can understand where people are … Continue reading A note on the Lanh
  • A Note on What is to Come
    This week we may be seeing three posts from yours truly on Saturday. I’ve been in a frenzy of writing but I need to add a bridge between this week’s and next week’s posts so I’ll be gifting you a bonus scene. Should I write bonuses I promise to not make them too story-intensive but … Continue reading A Note on What is to Come
  • A note on parts.
    Good Morning. I received a question not too long ago asking how many parts each chapter will have. Which is a good question when you’re posting a story online with a beginning a middle and an end. The truth is, I don’t know how many parts each chapter will have, there’s really no standard way … Continue reading A note on parts.

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