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  • On new beginnings
    So, it’s been a while. Good news! I’m not dead! Sideways news! I’m going to rewrite Snowy Ground. In all honesty, as a writer, I hit a speedbumped problem in Snowy Ground that I can’t quite figure out and I think I broke it somehow in an older chapter and thought I could fix it. … Continue reading On new beginnings
  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 5 Part 3
    The patch of scalp around the back of Samythiel’s ear continued to tingle the whole way to the pub where the chairs accommodated the eynnil as well as the dwarves and humans. Valthran berated Clemnilshala with every pace while her hands remained at her sides, balling up the fine linen of her dress in her … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 5 Part 3
  • Update: New Year and a New Gift
    Good morning my friends, So it just so happens that when I was publishing Snowy Ground as blog posts to potentially have it reach more people automatically, I was accidentally just sending the entire part into people’s emails. That’s a touch embarrassing as that means that there is less interaction which I admittedly need. (The … Continue reading Update: New Year and a New Gift

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