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Latest from Snowy Ground

  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 3, Part 2
    River mist was a problem come the quiet morn. Impenetrable, spooking most animals of short stature such as the riding goats and swine. Clemnilshala didn’t sleep an inch the moment she could smell the air growing damp. She felt like a duck. Sloshing about in the pig pit, certain that the caravans wouldn’t be so … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 3, Part 2
  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 3, Part 1
    It took only one bite of Samythiel’s meal for him to know that the most dastardly of ingredients had been used. He pulled the sandwich away from his jaws to find two red squares and upon opening, he found a plethora of tomatoes. Horrid things. Berries, that couldn’t be fruits nor vegetables but unholy explosives … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 3, Part 1
  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 2, Finale
    Once Samythiel Earthenboot awoke from his dreams who was he met by the goldeneye abbess and her protégé. The abbess had with her a silk-wrapped bundle of clothing atop which was a stack of letters. “We cannot ask a dwarf to go find the fallen star. Can we master?” Lavia asked, holding her hands close … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 2, Finale

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