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Latest from Snowy Ground

  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 4, Part 1
    The sea. In the summertime. Six moons ago it probably didn’t look like this. Quiet. Beautiful. Lots of new rocks to explore a rocky beach set upon a sandy one. These rocks were not always here perhaps they came from the same place that the wandering star did. It smelled like the brightness of lamplight. … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 4, Part 1
  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 3 Finale
    Two by two, the party had returned to where they had started. Lavia had been fitted with a rucksack of old clothing and some Lanh-friendly food packed by Clemnilshala. They smelled of soapy lye and were free of smudge and stain. Vulac and Samythiel returned with food and medicine, the latter fiddled with the pocket … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 3 Finale
  • Snowy Ground: Chapter 3 Part 10
    Commander Vulac directed Lavia, as a ragling, to earn her remaining keep with the Lanh by following Clemnilshala on her errand. A priestess made sure to remind her that going along could mean that the Abbess would become pleased should the exile stay amongst the party and go on to the sea with them. This … Continue reading Snowy Ground: Chapter 3 Part 10

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