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Latest from Snowy Ground

  • First Thing’s First
    Like I said last year, I want to rewrite the old parts of Snowy Ground; it’s nearly two and a half years old and I’ve changed and grown a ton since I started writing it.
  • Happy New Year
    Heh, don’t you love when this happens? I made a post to say that I was going to work more with the story you’ll find here then I disappear right off to Hubrisong to never be heard from again. That is, until I make my sheepish return to make my new years goals public past … Continue reading Happy New Year
  • On new beginnings
    So, it’s been a while. Good news! I’m not dead! Sideways news! I’m going to rewrite Snowy Ground. In all honesty, as a writer, I hit a speedbumped problem in Snowy Ground that I can’t quite figure out and I think I broke it somehow in an older chapter and thought I could fix it. … Continue reading On new beginnings

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