A note on parts.

Good Morning. I received a question not too long ago asking how many parts each chapter will have. Which is a good question when you’re posting a story online with a beginning a middle and an end. The truth is, I don’t know how many parts each chapter will have, there’s really no standard way to go about Snowy Ground. However I promise that the parts marked with whole numbers will always be about our friend Clemnilshala, and the parts marked with “.5” or any other decimal place will always be about side characters like Samythiel. There are a few more characters I would like to introduce before chapter one is over so we may be seeing ten or so whole parts before we begin chapter two.

Thanks for reading Snowy Ground which updates on Saturdays at Noon (Pacific time). Please be patient with yourself and others (and with me too), be sure to send in any comments, questions, concerns and I will do my darnedest to answer them. I’ve started putting Polls at the end of my parts so that I can continue to make Snowy Ground a story you want to read as much as it is a story I want to tell.

Have a good day!
I love you.

Love, Rozlun Egsby.

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