A change in format

Hello all, so I’ve noticed that making up a whole new site page is a bit inefficient for what I am going to try to do with Snowy Ground, so I figured how about I just post it to the blog as well.

I have never been one of those writers who made it their sole purpose to maximize the number of readers that they get every week, however, they do have a point when having weekly readers come back to see their words. So what I might do is, for those of who who have been reading Snowy Ground this far, as we are in chapter three, will receive updates in the old page style and you will be three chapters ahead, but those who do not have the time, patience, nor energy to check in on the menu every week will receive updates on the blog portion should they subscribe.

As for the brand new pages I will stop making brand new pages come the 17th of April 2021. At which point I will be taking a break (I have some stuff going on in the background here and will be needing a break then to get things squared away) and Snowy Ground will return on the 12th of June. What do you think?

If you can comment please do, I would love any input for how to allow the adventures of Snowy Ground reach more people.

Thank you,

I love you

Rozlun Egsby

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