A Note on “And A Half” Parts

So you may have noticed yesterday that you got two “parts” in one day. That’ll be happening again today, and across our next month together. Its not a mistake that they a part and “a half” go up on the same day while I move everything from a page-based layout to the blog layout. I figured since the “And a Half” parts are already accessible through use of menus and pages that I can move them over a little bit faster. That way, you, the reader can read more Snowy Ground at once using the blog.

My plan, still, is that when I run out of parts to post on the blog from the “Old Stuff” I’ll exclusively post on the blog. And in the future if I end up seeing fit to write more “And a Half” parts: they will be split between the weeks. Allow me to say that again. If there shows a Chapter X Part Y, and I also write Chapter X Part Y “And a Half” the other half will be posted the following week. I repeat myself for clarity, I wouldn’t want you to be confused.

In other news

I’m still on track to have posts up until April 17th, I’m scheduling them as you read this. Past then I am on Hiatus until Mid June (the 12th to be exact) as I am participating in something that is going to demand my full attention. Plus a few birthdays of close family members and perhaps a wee vacation for yours truly. During these weeks there may or may not be posts going up.
Each week I type up what I’d written by hand, sometimes that’s more than a part, sometimes I need to rely on some scheduling magic. If I schedule things past the 17th of April, then you can trust that they will be there, the point is neither of us knows if that’s going to happen or not. It’s a bit like an adventure, so let us find out together yes?

Also, in a few weeks here there’s going to be a mega post of three parts/pages in one day. I am a big fan of three-story-style (I think the word for it is Anthology) episodes of television shows, where the episode follows three different lines happening in the same block. (For my friends who like Avatar: The Last Airbender, think of the Ba Sing Se episode. And for my friends who like the Simpsons think of every Treehouse of Horror episode). I’ll be posting all three parts on the same day so that we can get to the sea even faster. I understand that some readers do not like to meander in one place for too long and I too am excited to show you what’s in the sea.

Additionally, I would like to post more “informational” posts like this one. How did you like it. I would like to share more behind-the-scenes magic with you. Would you like that?

Thank you for your time.

I love you.

Rozlun Egsby.

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