Update! Exciting New Changes.

Hi there!
I hope that you’ve been enjoying Snowy Ground.
Rest assured that this is not another hiatus announcement, but there will be a change in the time which Snowy Ground is being posted.
You see, behind the scenes I have taken on a new project that requires my time and energy on Saturdays at noon which has, more or less, taken my current writing schedule and thrown it from a third story window. (heh, get it? Story? Ahem anyway)
So, from now on I will be posting Snowy Ground on Tuesdays at 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

This is to alleviate some stress about how in the world I’m going to do so many things all at once and still have the time to bring you new parts of Snowy Ground.
Additionally there’s a big announcement waiting in the wings next Tuesday. So you will receive two posts that day. Keep an eye out if you don’t mind. I’m very excited to share something huge with you.

I hope you’re having a good day today. Why don’t you share in the comment section something that made you happy this morning. What’d you eat for breakfast? I’m curious.

Have a great afternoon.

I love you.

Rozlun Egsby

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