Celebration! Snowy Ground’s Birthday

Good afternoon!

So it’s been a while since we chatted, I never did get to make that big announcement, I took a side job and it completely slipped my mind and skipped right out to sea. That’s not the purpose of this post though.

One year ago, today, this very hour of noon (pacific standard time) I made my first post of Snowy Ground. I’d been giving each part it’s own page, I didn’t know how to tag things, all I knew was write it and put it up. And I have learned so much about myself, my writing, and my limits in the past year. About how putting it on a blog is far easier than formatting an entire page each time I wanna share another piece of the puzzle.
I learned more about my characters, Clemnilshala, Samythiel, and Lavia. I added new faces like Vulac and Magga. Things were bore in their own time and it all happened.
I am continuing Snowy Ground, even if it’s not as frequent as I used to. I’m still writing it. It is an adventures, and all adventures, journeys, quests, and errands must have an end. As of now we are about halfway through, I look forward to talking to you again, today, of next year, and maybe even the year after.
Please, share with me your favorite parts of Snowy Ground. What do you like, what are questions you have? Talk to me, I’ll attempt to respond to everyone!

I love you

Rozlun Egsby

4 thoughts on “Celebration! Snowy Ground’s Birthday

    1. Thank you for coming! Clemnilshala’s journey is far from over. We are only halfway through after all. I look forward to taking you with me for the rest of the way.


  1. Incredible! Has it been that long? How many words is this whole story and you are only half way through?? I’ve been completely sucked into your world and if I don’t be careful I feel like I’ll get as lost as the party did in the garden.
    hands down my favorite part has been the sttory you told of your main character’s exile. And just how she handles the people that she is exiled from. I like how she isn’t trying to get bback into the fold but is only complying with them. I want to know why they want her back so bad.
    please, respond!
    Tell me that Clem is going to be coming back to the party!
    What is her past with Valthran!
    Will we get to see the character of Senar? from the story of her exile?


    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked that story, I was really worried that it’d be too much for readers.
      I can’t tell you anything for sure but I do know that we will see Clemnilshala again. That Valthran was an old training mate and friend of Clemnilshala, and that we will not be seeing Senaar, on account of very many things.
      The only other thing I can say is “how do you feel about weddings”?


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