Update: New Year and a New Gift

Good morning my friends,

So it just so happens that when I was publishing Snowy Ground as blog posts to potentially have it reach more people automatically, I was accidentally just sending the entire part into people’s emails. That’s a touch embarrassing as that means that there is less interaction which I admittedly need. (The culture of the internet means I need validation and invisible internet points to know if something is good, ain’t that the nuttiest thing?) So to combat this, I think I’m going to go back to publishing new pages for each part and writing up an extra little blog post that will just notify you that a new page is up. What do you think?

on another note, I have a gift for you! So, you know how I kind of disappeared off the face of the planet following my last post of last year in September? Well, it’s because I began working on some really neat reading thanks to some of the requests I had received from my Contact Me page. Someone noted that there is a lot of gobbledygook that I continue to mention in Snowy Ground and how they wanted to read those stories so that they have more context on where our Clemnilshala comes from. They wish to remain anonymous but you know who you are, dude.

So I wrote it up, and will continue to fill it in as I get through it. (I still have to add in some stories about Garuk that I haven’t gotten around to.) But I’ve called this back story “The Path of Rain” and throughout this year I’ll be writing up more back stories for Characters and some lore tidbits just in case I accidentally confuse you. This website is meant to be a whole ‘nother world for you to explore and, well, I better go about putting stuff into that world don’t you think?

I would love some more feedback so that I can make this place as awesome for you as it is for me to write.

I love you

-Rozlun Egsby

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