On new beginnings

So, it’s been a while. Good news! I’m not dead! Sideways news! I’m going to rewrite Snowy Ground.

In all honesty, as a writer, I hit a speedbumped problem in Snowy Ground that I can’t quite figure out and I think I broke it somehow in an older chapter and thought I could fix it. But sometimes, the best way to fix a knocking engine, is to take it apart and put it back together.

I haven’t written for Snowy Ground in earnest in about 9 months now I’ve grown and changed and my philosophy and skill has grown and changed as it has been so long since I’ve last written for it.

So here is the plan. Snowy Ground turns 2 in a few weeks here, on that day I’ll post Chapter 1, part 1, for Snowy Ground the redo.

I understand that you have a lot of time invested in reading Snowy Ground, coming back week to week to read the newest chapter.

There will be new features to these new versions of old parts you’ve read before, like actual chapter titles. As well as an Instagram page for me and my writing that you can follow if you’d like for updates in case I skip a week or something happens that means I cannot bring content to you again. Please bear with me. There’s been a lot that’s happened and this is for the best, trust me.

I hesitate to ask what you think but please drop suggestions for me to think about as I get to restarting this show for you.

As always it will be for free as these are, at their core, drafts written just for the fun of it.

I love you

-Rozlun Egsby

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