Happy New Year

Heh, don’t you love when this happens? I made a post to say that I was going to work more with the story you’ll find here then I disappear right off to Hubrisong to never be heard from again.

That is, until I make my sheepish return to make my new years goals public past the date.

I wrote them out here, as most or all drafts shall begin,

Don’t worry I’ll type it too.

This year I want to pick up where Snowy Ground left off, continue from whence I went on hiatus due to NaNoWriMo and a following medical crisis that consumed my time.

"I'm resurrecting everything and giving this dusty old site a face lift. I'll be adding two new sections for you to explore:
>>Pleasant images: specifically, I am very excited about this. They're small snippets and short scenes from varied parts of the story. Typically, they'll be touched on eventually as they'll function like memories of the characters, but they themselves will not be big enough to warrant their own story posts. I'd rather not have a million memory posts clogging up the regular story. How about you? They'll have their own section.

>>Additionnally, I'll be posting lore in its own section. Why don't we pick a day of the week for those to go up as well. I'd also love yo know what you want to know about the world of Hubrisong.
It doesn't even have to be related to Snowy Ground. Trust me, there are more verses to a world's song of hubris.
(I have other stories)
P.S. I'll try to do some more art and post it to my social media if i get the time.

In short I want to give more for you to look at.

You have my apologies for disappearing for so long, I want to make it up to you.

Happy New Year

I love you

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