Everything Begins With Patience

It may sound strange to you, but patience is the key to a good relationship. That’s all I ask of you, my reader and friend, I ask that you are patient with me as I write this story for you.
I can, however, give you some reasonable items to expect from this website as I continue to learn how to use it. You can expect that I will post continuations of Snowy Ground whenever I have the chance. My initial plan is that you will see something new at least once every other week. Additionally, I will also try to offer writing advice when I can, if you have questions about anything related to Snowy Ground or writing in general I will do all I can to answer them. Please keep in mind that even though some might call me a professional, I am still learning, hopefully, you are still learning too.

I do have two favors to ask of you, the first is to not hesitate to tell me new things that you learn, it interests me to see what other people are absorbing from the world. At the time of writing this, the world is pretty messed up, but I didn’t create this website to talk about that. Second, please be patient with me, I do everything on my own right now and I’m certain that there will be one booboo or two.

Thank you.
-Rozlun Egsby.