The King’s Blessing

The King of all the basin, from Khalenglough to Thamdül to Alfgorn and the lesser mountains that protected his territory, had eyes like green copper. His stern glare while he touched his beard and let his fingers touch the ornaments that lived there pierced Clemnilshala and Folruth. They merely squeezed their hands together all the tighter. He came down from his throne and inspected them, looking to his priests for guidance as he looked into Folruth’s eyes. What was it he looked for.
“You dear, kneel.” Said the King. “You’re much too tall for me to get a real good look at”
Clemnilshala knelt. He looked in her eyes, touching the bronze family crest that was placed on her chest. He inspected the torn pieces of her dress and the armor of the Golden Eye who lurked beside the door.
“Husband and Wife? You two?” he asked aloud to no one in particular, though Folruth and Clemnilshala nodded in unison. “Are you not the eynnil that came to my city in need and have payed off your debts to me only to accrue new ones for silly purposes such as paper and school books meant for children?”
“Aye, I am.” Clemnilshala said.
“Because I am exiled from the people of Uluur, my kind, and to yoo I pledge my loyalty to the city.” Her voice squeaked toward the end as though she questioned her own motive, whether or not it was the truth that she wished to remain here.
“And you? You’d have an exile of another nation amongst us?” He turned his unconvinced gaze to Folruth, holding his hand up for a drinking goblet filled with a sweet smelling concoction made by the private draftmakers of the royal halls. “You’d drink of this cup and tell me naught but the truth?”
“Aye, my king. This woman, from the first night I knew her dreams, had captured my heart and I hold my thoughts of her fervently. We meekly kneel before ye my king tae bless our marriage between a scout and an eynnil.”
The king took several steps back, he never handed Folruth the goblet. He stroked his beard as he looked between the two of them. He blessed so many marriages in a day. Would he assign criteria? No. He merely observed the two of them who did not look at one another and merely focused on the same spot on the floor of his hall. He looked to his priests and his draftmakers.
It felt like an eternity had passed before he spoke again.
“My blessing, your loyalty, is that all? A transaction? You give me something and I give you, what clemency inside of my city? Then so be it. But you both must drink of the cup and declare your hearts inside of this hall before me.”
They looked to one another,
“For I am the king”
They could not take back any kind of words that they had placed before the king. At the same time, from the same goblet, they sipped of the sweet draft. It was thick like syrup and unrendered fat. Clemnilshala coughed several times as the drink coated her mouth an her throat in a film that would compel her only to speak the truth.
No one said anything to the contrary. There were no further questions asked by the king. No truths he demanded.
“Go forth” said the king. “I lay my blessing on this union.”
Folruth looked to Clemnilshala and raised an eyebrow, Clemnilshala merely shrugged her shoulders as they stood from the king’s presence and turned their backs to him. The Golden eye had gone from the threshold of the King’s hall and back to overseeing the preperations for the Lanh that would remain in the copper green sights of the king. They walked forth in confidence with the king’s blessing that they would be allowed through his district to view the markets who sold wood and candles amongst the odd jewels and fine items that could be given as gifts to one another. Though as they passed by and through the ornate archway into the scholars district where the library was, across from which was their home, Clemnilshala stopped and dug about in her pockets and pulled out the small knot made of enchanted shoe string. She looked at it in her hand and looked to Folruth. Her folruth, who did so much. Would boot laces really be enough?
It was worth a try.
She was guided back to their home where they lived, just outside of the doorway, she stopped Folruth and presented these bootlaces with a sheepish grin. What more could she give, more than bootlaces. Folruth took them from her hand.
“They’re enchanted, eh, they’ll never break, no matter how hard ye pull em.” She said, looking up at the ‘sky’ of the mountain where so many hundred of thousands of family jewels lay imbedded in the rock. “Why did ye do that today?”
“Love. For Love dear.” Folruth said without hesitation, his face turned red again. “I wanted to see tae it tha ye weren’t afraid of one single eynnil inside the mountain. And I wanted ye tae know tha no matter how scared ye got, tha I’d make sure tha nothin can come up against ye and hurt ye while I yet breathe…Thank ye fer the laces lass. I’ve been needin’ em fer a long time.”
“I know…Thats why I picked them. Though nothing could ever compare to this generosity. Ye gave me yer name.”
“Ets yer name now lass, now come inside, before that eynnil comes back, we can read together if you’d like.”
Clemnilshala didn’t feel too much like reading.
Love boiled in her stomach.
The others who lived in the scholars district wondered what took so long.

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