The Path of Rain And Other Stories

The Path of Rain is a set of tales about Clemnilshala Noblehood long before we began Snowy Ground

Clemnilshala as a Baby
Childish Lessons
Folly in Play on the Golden Road
The Weilvog, the Anghniel, the People, and Exile
After the Great Fire
Sheltering Father and Shielding Lessons

The Account of Clemnilshala’s Exile

Rewwer of the Wood:
Travel and Rest
Mamala’s Lamb
Departure and Lonliness

The Mountain:
Missteps into Mercy
Healing Hands
A Snowy Luncheon
Frosting Stew and a Good Night’s Sleep
The Great Staircase
On Tomatoes

Upon sleeping
Harvest Blessings
The King’s Blessing

Tales of Two Mountain Scouts
Home-grown Skill
Fox-Eye and the Adventuring Sled
Returning Home Renewed
Leaving The Mountain
Picking Up Where One Left Off
Thread on the Path

A Most Curious Gift
Children are Tiny Drunkards
Garuk as a Young Man

Rigmol in the Stable
The Wedding Portrait
No More Days

4 thoughts on “The Path of Rain And Other Stories

    1. Aye, I did, A vast majority of this was my NaNoWriMo, and I posted 50,000 words (give or take) here for you to read, for free! I look forward for any feed back that you might have hereafter!

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  1. Thank you for the pleasure of getting to read this, I really felt the intense passion that you hold with creating these amazing characters and their tales. This definitely answered a number of questions about Snowy Ground as I started with that first. Going through it felt very coherent and deeply connected with your writing. Too often I’ll see a prologue or sequel that mentions the right names and plot points, but it still distinctly tastes different from the original I first witnessed. These two stories don’t feel separate but a seamless continuation of one another. It’s very much appreciated. I distinctly feel the urge to re-read Snowy Ground since it feels unnatural to stop at Path of Rain. Like watching your favorite movie trilogy, you just can’t stop at one. Thank again for this beautiful story and I look forward to heights that your story and you go to.


  2. On another note, I was thinking about how much I enjoy coming to your website and reading past parts now and again. I learn a lot by reading the chapters themselves, but sometimes I’ll find myself hunting down a particular chapter to re-familiarize with certain names or concepts. I was wondering, would you ever consider a “wiki” or perhaps a glossary for your works? Its such a rich and unique universe that it might useful resource. As long as it doesn’t take away from your writing of course!

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